Antiques Market in Arezzo

The ancient Tuscan city of Arezzo hosts one of the most important Antiques markets in the country. It was founded in 1968 by Mr. Ivan Bruschi from the impulse to have the medieval city centre of his home town continue to live after the exodus to the modern city which was build starting after the Second World War. All shops built inside the medieval walls where little by little brought back to life by artisans and craftsman who saw their business growing with the extension of the Arezzo Antique market.

Each Saturday and Sunday of the month, the city fills up with a collection of old furniture, paintings and stained silverware, tarnished candlesticks and kitchen cabinets, chipped china and violins, Roman coins and a harmonium, old-fashioned telephones and grandfather clocks, it is a lodestone for connoisseurs and bargain hunters.

The fair takes in the beautiful medieval square of Piazza Grande under the Logge del Vasari and spread over the side alleys and squares across the historic centre, transforming the character of the city for the two days of the Antique Market.
The Antiques Market in Arezzo has been the first to have a lasting and regular success and it was in past years the scene of real hunting to the best pieces, even the day before the opening of the market, when the best pieces were still packaged on tracks. Exhibitors come from all over Italy and offer their items with a very broad overview of cultural traditions and regional costumes.
Should you come to Castello di Gargonza during the first weekend of the month make sure you don’t miss the visit to this fascinating Antique market where you will find nestled one of the finest tradition of Italian culture.