Gargonza 2017 – A year in review

Gargonza 2017 – A year in review

An intimate wedding on top of a Tuscan medieval tower

This year we had the great pleasure of hosting Janneke & Dirk’s beautiful wedding. It was a very intimate wedding and only their close family members were invited, including their two gorgeous little daughters.

The Bride and Groom decided to have a symbolic ceremony in our Limonaia garden followed by the wedding dinner in our restaurant.

One of the the best moments of this special day were the wedding pictures that were taken up in our tower. It is usually forbidden to climb up the tower but we couldn’t resist so there we went with the  climbing up the steep stairs of the tower with the bride wearing her striking wedding dress.

Angelica Braccini was the photographer and we think she will remember these pics that we are happy to share with you.

Warmest wishes from all of us in Gargonza




Letizia & Michele June 17th 2017

Our Warmest wishes goes today to Letizia & Michele. We are sharing their special moments in Gargonza, along the medieval stones of the little streets inside the village leading to the church or under the 14th century tower. Happy moments together for a wedding weekend with their friends and family gathering from Italy but not only! That is why maybe Gargonza is special: not a normal hotel but a village hotel where a special event creates the occasion to be together for some time, forgetting the day to day life.

Tanti auguri ragazzi e, Viva gli sposi!

Wedding in a tuscan hamlet

Castello di Gargonza is a medieval hamlet with rooms and apartments, a church and various gardens. It is a perfect setting if you want an authentic taste of tuscany for your wedding in a tuscan hamlet. From an informal welcome dinner set in one of our gardens, here below you can have a look at some photos of recent events. We had a symbolic ceremony in the lecceta garden with view over the woods surrounding the village. The congratulation cocktail was organized with a large buffet with access to the Limonaia garden for aperitifs. Dinner was set in the terrace of our restaurant just outside the village and facing the medieval tower. Dancing was organized after the cutting of the cake with music and open bar until late in the evening.


Meeting of Mondo Insieme

We had the great pleasure to have in Castello di Gargonza Mondo Insieme. An italian based company which assists students from Italy who wish to have an experience abroad, either for a summer or for a full scholastic term. Bodil Dencker and Livio Ceppi decided to have friends and colleauges together in Gargonza to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their company.

We share with you some pictures of a great weekend where families, friends and colleagues gathered in Gargonza from US, Italy and Denmark.

Thank you Bodil and Livio to be in Gargonza with us.


A Spring Wedding in Tuscany

We would like to share with you the great atmosphere for Ida and Enzo’s spring wedding in Tuscany. The gardens inside and outside Castello di Gargonza have been the perfect setting for a their wedding, from the ceremony to the congratulation cocktail.

Ceremony was held in the Lecceta garden facing the forest of the Val di Chiana with a country style setting; wooden chairs, spring flowers. After the ceremony, bride & groom and their guests were invited to the congratulation cocktail set at the swimming pool and led by the famous Zastavaorkestar band with trumpets, clarinets, drums. Bride & groom organized an aperitif next to the swimming pool in the olive tree garden. Dinner continued inside the panoramic room of the restaurant with long wooden tables in a rustic style.

All the best to Ida and Enzo and a big thanks to all our staff together with Simona Coltellini from

Visit Tuscany with Porsche Car Club

An incredible tour from Porsche Car Club Atlantique. Twenty eight members with their 14 beautiful Porsche’s made Gargonza their headquarters to visit one of the most beautiful part of Tuscany. Castello di Gargonza was a good spot to reach the smooth hills of Val D’Orcia, the vineyards of Chianti Classico and the landscape of Montalcino, most famous for the Brunello di Montalcino.

Everyone stayed with us in our little houses of Castello di Gargonza for several nights and explored each day a different part of Tuscany and it’s beautiful treasures. They could not miss the art cities of Arezzo and Siena with the frescoes of Piero della Francesca and drawings of Simone Martini at Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico. Another day was dedicated to Florence and the visit of the Accademia and the Uffizi Gallery.

They could not miss also the gentle hills of Val D’Orcia and the beautiful tuscan roads of Chianti Classico to enjoy and good glass of “Gallo Nero”. A day was dedicated to Cortona and Montepulciano with the visit of a winery.

Thank you Francois for your great organization, we enjoyed very much to host you and your group in Gargonza!

See you soon!

Contacts for tours- François Spilthooren – club Porsche – 17260 Villars en Pons – France.





Corporate retreat in Tuscany

One of our first events in Gargonza for this season and a beautiful Corporate retreat in Tuscany for a Company from Poland.

Gathering in the main square of Gargonza and enjoying a tour of the village and ready the next day for sightseeing tours in Florence, Arezzo and Siena. Gargonza is in a strategic position from where to start to explore the central part of Tuscany. Vienyards of Chianti Classico and Montalcino can be easily reached from Gargonza and away only 40 minutes by car.

The following day, the group had it’s gala dinner with disco in the Olive press room.

Thanks for staying with us!

Fall wedding in Tuscany

We would like to give our best to Alba and Gianluca who have decided to get married in Gargonza. A special thank you this time, since we have received their sincere congratulation on Gargonza and a truth apreciation for all our staff. A little tribute of their special day with the pictures of the wedding photographer Fabio Murilla.

photo credit @fabiomurilla

Cross country at Castello di Gargonza

The roads of the Knights – cross- country through Castello di Gargonza’s trails

The ” 2 mari” Association together with Rotary Club Chianciano has organized through the old paths of the property a fund raising cross- country rally to rase funds for the Autistic Association which is involved in assistance to people affected from this disorder.

The group of 35 jeep left Montalcino and followed the ancient white roads through the vineyards of Montalcino, famouse for its wine Brunello di Montalcino, the gentle landscape of Val D’Orcia and the lunar landscape of the Crete Senesi.

After checking in our drivers could relax in their houses with a nice glass of red wine in front of the fireplace and then a dinner was organized at La Torre di Gargonza restaurant.

A big thank you to Mr Bruno Natalini for the perfect organization and for his enthusiasm for this great achievement



A country wedding weekend at Castello di Gargonza

Castello di Gargonza is ideal for a country wedding setting. Various gardens inside and outside the village, a medieval tower facing the Olive press garden can easily be matched with a Prosecco table with a selection of cheese and cold cuts served on wine barrels. A reception dinner with typical tuscan cuisine, during the summer, can be organized outside the restaurant, facing the tower, under our string lights which recreates the atmosphere of the tuscan village.


Wedding in a tuscan village

Castello di Gargonza is an ideal setting not only for the beauty of it’s landscape and grounds but also because you rent an entire village with all cottages, wedding location and wedding dinner location all walking distance. You will have the chance to have your close family and friends to stay nested in a village for three days. A welcome dinner organized at the swimming pool with a tuscan buffet and vintage lights, a breathtaking view over the woods facing the Val di Chiana for the wedding ceremony and our panoramic room for the actual weding dinner.
Inside Castello di Gargonza and the village you will find also various gardens to relax, have a drink or enjoy the swimming pool located just outside the village

Ideafimit annual meeting

Ideafimit annual meeting

“Building bridges” was the name of this year’s Ideafimit annual meeting. More than one hundred members of the company joined Gargonza for a practice of building bridges with wood and other materials. The company could take advantage from the various indoor options which Gargonza can offer. From the main meeting hall to other 4 smaller meeting rooms which were used for this game which can be done in case of bad weather also inside.
Gargonza staff provided all lunch’s, a gala dinner, breakfast and coffee breaks and of course accommodation for more than 100 people in our classic and superior accommodations all located inside the village.


Social team building with Made in Team

Social team building with Made in Team

With great pleasure our experienced team building company Made in Team proposed to our client a social team building activity which consisted in building a small playground to be set in a public garden in one the villages destroyed bu the violent earthquake which reached the central part of Italy last September. It is a usefull team building not only for the purpose of staying together but also for a good cause. Thank you my friends and look forward to seing you soon. Hope you will find more inspiration for future goals to achieve here in Gargonza.

Juliane & Oliver Wedding weekend in Tuscany April 2016

Juliane & Oliver April 2016

Another beautiful wedding weekend together with Juliane & Oliver  who have chosen to stay the weekend in Gargonza with family and friends. Gargonza is ideal for a wedding weekend because it’s not only the time to celebrate our bride & groom but also the occasion to meet again among family and friends closed in a little village in Tuscany.
A welcome dinner was organized with a rustic Tuscan buffet in the panoramic room of the restaurant.

The following day the bride & groom married in our Church of SS. Tiburzio & Susanna with an catholic celebration. After the ceremony the aperitif was served in the Lecceta garden in front of a beautiful panorama of our forest.

Dinner was served in the Olive press room with the following menu

Malfatti with spinach and ricotta cheese with cheese fondue and black truffle
Ravioli pasta filled with seabass and prawn sauce
Beef fillet with Porto wine sauce and baked potatoes and vegetables

Cutting of the cake was done in the Limonaia garden and a live band played music until late at night!


Yoga classes in Tuscany in the medieval village of Gargonza

Yoga classes in Tuscany

With great pleasure we had in Gargonza a Yoga weekend retreat organized by Ivana Caffarati, psychologist, professional dancer, Yoga and Oriental ballet teacher.

Our ladies could use our large conference area which was our former olive mill, well exposed in front of our garden and well heated. During breaks between the various yoga sessions, they could walk in the surrounding trails in the forest and have a moment of relaxation inside the cosy apartments with fireplace.
An afternoon break was organized also with the Rapolano Hot bath located at 18 km from Gargonza.
We also prepared a full vegetarian menu with local products, which was very much appreciated among our guests.

Thanks Ivana for your organization and look forward for a new yoga retreat in Tuscany.
For those interested in Yoga retreats, you can contact directly Ivana through her website


NTTDATA Annual retreat – December 2015

NTTDATA Annual retreat

With great pleasure we had a group of young and positive group of NTTDATA Italian branch for their annual meeting. Gargonza is ideal for team buildings and for recreating a community, not of farmers anymore but of a company in this case.

A selfmade team building brought teams to elaborate a special flying devices in order to have raw eggs land carefully without breaking. Thank you my friends and look forward to seing you soon. Hope you will find more inspiration for future goals to achieve here in Gargonza.

Culinary team building in Tuscany – November 2015

Culinary team building in Tuscany

Here is a funny cooking contest team building activity. We had the pleasure to have a company board meeting with a cooking contest activity which took place in the kitchen of our restaurant La Torre di Gargonza. The goal of the game was to prepare a lunch based on a set of ingredients which were placed on a table.

Teams had the assistance of our staff and were able to prepare a full menu. The goal was to create a mix of competition among the various teams together with the commitment to each one of the members to obtain a common goal; prepare a buffet for the tasters. Thank you to each one of you for the great presentation and participation to the activity.

Stanford Alumni Travel & Study

Stanford Alumni Travel & Study

After experiencing Stanford Family Adventures during the summer period, Gargonza was happy to have Stanford Alumni Travel & Study for an off season program. Better period could not be chosen; fall in Gargonza is something exceptional from the colors of the forest, the food and all the activities which can be done in November such as olive oil picking and truffle hunting.

The group experienced a tour “inside Tuscany” partially organized with lectures and partially with day trips. Lectures focused on Italian and European politics and an overview on Italian renaissance period.
Day trips were organized in Siena, Arezzo and the hilltop medieval villages of Pienza and Montalcino.

On our hand we organized a nice full day of olive oil picking in our olive groves, with a visit to the local olive mill. This was considered to  most guests the highlight of their stay; a chance to get in touch with the locals for this olive oil “feast” and enjoy immediately an authentic extra virgin olive oil. During the day a “forest lecture” with Gianluca, our truffle hunter, was organized. He showed us most of the secrets of truffle hunting, his relationship with nature and with his dogs, his companions during his wonderings in the quite of a forest.

Thank you Stanford friends and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us!

Louise & Keith Wedding weekend in Tuscany October 2015

Louise & Keith October 2015 (Autumn in Gargonza)

With great pleasure we had in Gargonza Louise & Keith for thier wedding weekend in Tuscany. A family wedding I would say because they arrived with their beautiful daughter Ellie and the fantastic dog Becks!

A very cosy celebration was organized in our private chapel for a symbolic wedding followed by a nice aperitif inside the Limonaia garden, with the typical autumn colours of the ivy pergola. The aperitif was made with cold cuts, cheese composition on wood boards, various bruschetta’s, mozzarella cheese and Prosecco for drinks.

Dinner took place in the reception room inside the village with some magnificent composition of flowers from Fiori e Piante Marilena. .

The weeding menu was in perfect autumn style with:

Ricotta cheese and spinach “Malfatti” with cheese fondue
Pappardella pasta with wild boar sauce
Grilled beef filet with Colonnata lard and peppercorn sauce, roast potatoes and vegetables as side dish

Italian puff pastry mille feuille

Music was organized with  Marco & Arianna live duo ( who played live for all the aperitif and then mixed songs for the dancing.

Thanks also to Rudi and Diego from for the beautiful pictures.

The group was relaxed and small in number which made the wedding even more special for all family members and friends.