Castello di Gargonza and it’s tuscan wine routes

From Gargonza you can easily have a tour through the valleys of the Arezzo province and visit the most famous wineries of Tuscany. Visiting the wine region of Arezzo means also discovering a landscape heritage with wine and olive groves, chesnut forest and plantation of tobacco which date from the Etruscan civilization.

Visiting the cellars of the Tuscan countryside in the province of Arezzo will give you a chance to visit it’s most outstanding cultural heritage hidden from the most known bitten tracks.

The Valdarno has one the two most important wineries of the Valley: Tenuta Setteponti and Tenuta Vitereta. The wineries are located along the Road “Setteponti” and you can easily reach from there the Romanesque churches of San Pietro in Gropina near Loro Ciuffenna, the Badia di Soffena at Castelfranco di Sopra and the Church of Santa Maria at Pian di Scò.

In the Val di Chiana just nearby Gargonza you can visit the wineries of Riccardo Baracchi at Cortona and visit the cellar of St. Francis. Moreover you can reach the linerie of Santa Vittoria and have a tour in the churches of the small medieval towns of Foiano della Chiana and Monte San Savino and admire the tiles of Della Robbia.

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