Catholic ceremonies in Tuscany can be held in our Romanic Parish Church of SS. Tiburzio and Susanna in Gargonza. The catholic church is officiated by an italian priest, Don Mario Casini. The church is open for mass every other Sunday and it can be used for religious weddings as well.
In this case, we have an english speaking catholic priest which can perform the wedding mass. We can take care of the religious paper work, which is required by the Bishop of Arezzo. It is important to present documents within 6 months prior to wedding day because these documents expire after 6 months.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to make a donation to the Church. As it is a Catholic Church, we suggest that you pay attention to your wedding gown, the Bride and her female guests should not bare their shoulders. A shawl or large scarf can be used if the dress is withour sleeves.

Flowers are often required to decorate the Church but rose petals cannot be placed on the floor of the church. For a Catholic Wedding in Tuscany, two witnesses are required.
The Catholic Ceremony in Tuscany lasts approximately 50-60 minutes and includes a complete mass service.