Charming historic hotel in Tuscany

The Castle of Gargonza is a charming historic hotel in Tuscany overlooking the Valdichiana between Arezzo and Siena.

The agricultural experience of the hamlet, which began in early XIII° century, finished with the end of the crop-sharing system immediately after World War II, after a general exodus around 1950.

Gargonza became almost uninhabited and in ruin. This is the greatest crisis for the survival of the hamlet: until 1960 the resident population was about 300 people, between peasants and workers, devoted to the production of wheat, olive oil, wine, cattle ( the famous Chianina beef ), tobacco, vegetables, silkworms and wood.

In the 1970 a conservative restoration began in order to maintain the architectonical value in a genuine way.

“Transform to preserve” was the idea that guided us at that time to meet the demand of individual and business travellers. This is our definition of a charming historical hotel, having maintained 700 years of history all embodied inside this historical village.