Charming hotels tuscan village

The Castle of Gargonza is a charming hotels Tuscan village overlooking the Valdichiana valley between Arezzo and Siena.

A medieval fortress with it’s 12th century tower still standing in the centre of the village, and then a refuge for the most famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, was then a community of farmers until the end of second world war.
In the 1970, the owner, Roberto Guicciardini began what he called “the renaissance of a Tuscan village” a conservative restoration began in order to maintain the architectonical value in a genuine way.

From a complete irrational impulse of saving a village, all the houses where little by little carefully restored. Enclosed inside the medieval wall, the restored houses have retained the simplicity of rural life. If you experience wooden staircases or rooms excavated in the rock, blackened fireplaces or tiny windows looking on the woods, remember this is our history’s added value.

Visit Gargonza for one or more nights is a perfect spot to discover the artistic beauties of Siena and Arezzo or simply relax at our swimming pool and enjoy a glass of white wine in our lemon garden, recover from the noise of the city and even appreciate our typical Tuscan cuisine.