Dispensa di Gargonza – Wine bar

Meet Susan and Giancarlo Russo. They both live and work in Poppi located in Casentino Valley. It is one of the four valleys which starts from the historic city of Arezzo, best known for the famous painter Piero Della Francesca.  You can have a tasting at their Villa in Casentino and discover the natural beauties of this beautiful valley (www.villapairingcheesewine.it) or have them at our “Dispensa” .

Giancarlo is a professional cheese taster ter Cheese Taster since 2000 anld currently teaches pairing food and wine in english at Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence. Susan has written for the Slowwine Guide since 2010.

They can organize an interesting cheese tasting or even pairing cheese and wine tasting in our new Dispensa di Gargonza. Cheese that are usually tasted are semi-aged,   aged and blue cheeses produced with different milk :Cow, Goat and Sheep. Handouts in English will be given at the beginning and at the end of the session to better understand the wines and to learn how to correctly taste cheese with wine.

So you just have to drop us an email at info@gargonza.it and have a great tasting!