Hotel Monte San Savino Tuscany

Monte San Savino – history, culture, gastronomy and nature. Castello di Gargonza is located between Arezzo and Siena near the renaissance village of Monte San Savino.

Monte San Savino is located in the heart of Val di Chiana. Its origin has been discovered by the archaeologist G.F. Gamurrini. A Jewish community, with its synagoge and cimitery, still to be seen, has been in Monte San Savino until 1799 when the christian movement “Viva Maria” drove it away in a “rude manner”.

It is surrounded by gentle hills which are mostly covered with subflowers in June and in the upper parts with oak wood and olive trees or vineyards.

But Monte San Savino is mostly knowsn for its typical tuscan cuisine especially for the famous roasted pork – an entire porc filled with local country perfumes and herbes, cooked in wood oven and served in delicious slices.  Since 2011,  Monte San Savino holds the World Guiness Record of the longest roasted pork.

Downtown nice medieval streets, important buildings and interesting churches to be visited to appreciate the particular look of Monte San Savino which is also well known for its gastronomy.

Among the hotels near Monte San Savino, you will find Castello di Gargonza which is 6 km from the village.  Gargonza is a medieval hamlet entirely restored and transformed in a charming historic hotel.
The authenticity of the historical building like the medieval tower and romaesque Church, the 600 hectares of wood surrounding the village will make your stay an experience of serenity and peacefulness.
Just outside the village you can taste our typical tuscan cuisine at Restaurant La Torre di Gargonza.