Location for a tuscan wedding

Castello di Gargonza is an ideal location to celebrate your wedding in tuscany. Gargonza is a fortified medieval castle hotel which was entirely restored after the rural exodus which occured after the second world war.

Within the medieval walls of the village you will find accommodation up to 100 guests in our newly rennovated rooms, connecting rooms and apartments to satisfy all family affinities.
Inside the village we also have a catholic church and we can celebrate catholic or protestant religious weddings. Blessings can be organized outside in one of our gardens and civil weddings can be held at Monte San Savino town hall which is 6 km from Gargonza.

A congratulation cocktail is served usually inside the olive press garden just next to the church.
Reception dinner is usually held at the restaurant just outside the village and dancing is possibile until late at night.

Our swimming pool is ideal to relax with friends and family for a great location for a tuscan wedding weekend.