Medieval resort Tuscany

The Castle of Gargonza, today a medieval resort in Tuscany finds its origins in the 13th century. It set on top of a hill overlooking the Valdichiana between Arezzo and Siena and has a medieval walls, tower, gateway and Romanesque parish church.

The most relevant event is the passage of the poet Dante Alighieri in 1302, as the historian Leonardo Bruni  writes in his “Life of Dante”.
Gargonza, first under the Counts Ubertini, goes to the Republic of Siena between 1381 and 1385 and then to the Lords of Firenze, ending in the final years of 1600 into the family of Marquis Corsi, ancestors of the current owner.

The origin of Gargonza, medieval resort in Tuscany, are deeply rooted in the middle age. A medieval fortified village with a 13th century tower to experience authenticity. It is a unique place where you can sense the history, full of character and atmosphere.

Every house is different and retain the character of the former inhabitants. But by night, when the smattering of non-residents has gone, you’ll have the star- and lamp-lit village to yourself. After a typical tuscan dinner at the restaurant, returning up to the village, you will feel the history of this medieval resort.