Meeting space & Conference rooms

The Castle of Gargonza village hotel is the ideal setting for a meeting space. Gargonza’s former common areas, which where used as olive mill and cellars or stables used for animals where turned into conference facilities. Once the restoration of the village began and the idea of a new destination of this rural medieval hamlet took place, we immediately thought that Gargonza would have been an excellent meeting space for groups who needed to stay possibly together with no distractions. The fact that Gargonza is it self the only destination as conference rooms makes the atmosphere unique for all participants.

Halls within the Olive Press Conference Area

  • Upper Olive press Hall accommodates 140 guests, 155 sq. m.
  • Carraia Hall, accommodates 20 guests, 40 sq.m.
  • Cappella Hall, accommodates 40 guests, 70 sq.m.
  • Bar Lounge, accommodates 20 guests, 93 sq.m.

Rooms within the Loom rooms and Stables

  • Telaio halls accommodates 20 guests, 85 sq. m.
  • Boccio Hall, accommodates 10/15, 32 sq.m.

Garden within the Lemon Tree Green-House

  • Outdoor welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, etc.