After the story of the American Gargonzini, today we will tell you about truffle hunting together with Gianluca Vichi. Gianluca is a truffle hunter with an official license from the Region of Tuscany; but above all he is one of the grandchildren of two Gargonzini as well as a deep connoisseur and lover of the forest around Castello di Gargonza. Staying a couple of hours with him and discovering his connection with his grandparents who were born and raised in Gargonza is something fascinating.

Through this passion he can escape some time from the daily routine and retrace the roads of the forest around the Castle of Gargonza, the same his grandparents made as they went to Gargonza from their house. Gianluca is a true connoisseur of the paths of the Castle of Gargonza.

In addition to describing all types of truffles, it will tell you about the various trees near which you can find truffles and the various seasons they have. He will explain the various techniques for extracting the magnificent fungus. Finally, he will talk about the particular nature of this undergrowth and its dangers.

The activity takes place around the Castle, in the woods of the park and ends with a demonstration of truffle hunting together with its lovely dogs Chicca and Pippo. This activity is ideal to do with children as his dogs are very sweet.