Surroundings: what to do and what to see near Arezzo

Piero della Francesca’s footpath

hotel in tuscany monte san savinoPiero della Francesca footpath in Arezzo. Visit the fresco’s of the “Vera Croce” located inside the Bacci Chapel of St. Francis Church and admire Piero della Francesca’s complete  pictorial cycle which has been preserved undamaged until now days. The Arezzo province, it’s territory and landscape has been of great inspiration for Piero della Francesca and the itinerary may also include the “Madonna del Parto” which is in Monterchi, in the Val Tiberina at 55 km from Gargonza. The Madonna del Parto is one of the greatest work of Piero della Francesca where the pregnant lady reveals herself to the faithful.

The gems of the Chiana Valley

Lucignano in TuscanyDiscover the renaissance town of Monte San Savino with the Jewish ghetto, the church of S. Agostino with Giorgio Vasari painting of the assumption of Christ, the tower of the “Cassero” where local exhibitions are held. Very close to Monte San Savino another hilltop village called Lucignano is worth a visit. An intact medieval village with circular streets which leed to the main portali give to this medieval village one of the most characteristic frame of all Val di chiana. Outside the village you can visit smaller churches still with important painters such as Giorgio Vasari.

St. Francis itinerary

cortona in TuscanyGargonza is ideal to follow the life of Italy’s patron: St. Francis. It is worth then a visit to the “Celle di Cortona” in Val di chiana just outside the city of Cortona where the Saint passed by from Assisi. It is actually going towards Umbria and Assisi is an hour and 30 minutes drive to Gargonza and can be easily done in one day visiting the church of San Francesco, Santa Chiara, Santa Maria degli Angeli in Porziuncola. Another gem is the Santuario della Verna located in another Arezzo valley: il Casentino. Gargonza is one hour from La Verna and you can admire the church devoted to St Francis after his pilgrimage to the hill of La Verna.
Chiedi informazioni alla reception per avere anche una guida ufficiale della provincia di Arezzo
Ask more information at our reception office for special guided tours linked to the above itineraries with our official guides for the province of Arezzo.
(credits Cortona image: Patrick Denker)

Cycling path along the Chiana River

Cycling path along the Chiana River in TuscanyFor bike lovers! You should not leave Gargonza without cycling the path along the Chiana river from Chiusi until Arezzo. The path is 60 km long but you can do pieces of it starting from Marciano della Chiana (13 km from Gargonza).
it is a flat path and therefore also ok for kids, it is ideal to discover how grand dukes of the region, landowners, peasants and engineer, made a swamp turn out into one of the most fertile area of central italy.
During the 14th and 15th century all the valley was covered and almost impossible to cultivate. Starting from the Medici and further on with the Lorena and after with the central state of Italy, a massive plan of slow elevation of the crops was achieved, leaving the canal below the soil and thus enabling the cultivation of the land.
The itinerary will give you the opportunity to see some of the rest of the Etruscan civilization (toward Chiusi) and some of the most important aqueduct architecture of the 18th century. You can rent bicycles’ at Monte San Savino or directly (if available) at our reception office.